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Minimize Risks – Lower Overhead Costs – Increase Efficiency.

MMC provides an all-in-one HR Outsourcing service and customized HR Consulting solutions for employers looking to reduce risks and overhead costs, so more time can be spent on revenue-generating activities. We strive to support small to mid-sized businesses by finding out what you need so you get the best level of service for your unique organization. The need for compliance and risk management to avoid litigation is critical to owners who want to focus on their business.

You did not start your business to take care of back-end administration duties. By outsourcing HR, we take care of all your payroll needs, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, labor law compliance and human resources.

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Why Outsource HR

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Layers Of Protection

Protect your business from risk with MMC’s Innovative Management Approach, our comprehensive HR Outsourcing solution. Over 30 years of HR and labor law compliance expertise separates us from our competition.

Payroll Processing + Tax

By outsourcing your payroll and tax responsibilities to MMC, you can control overhead costs and reduce expenses from costly payroll errors. Save time by outsourcing Federal/State tax filings and receive only access to your W-2’s.

HR Online Self-Service

Stay up to date about changes made within your organization with our easy to use member login application. Both employers and employees can access information readily from the comfort of your office or home.

On-site HR Support

MMC HR Outsourcing services provides dedicated HR professionals for your business. They will visit your office and provide you with employment law updates, as well as answer any questions you may have.


Comprehensive HR Outsourcing Services

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MMC Goals

The Right Fit


MMC is the only HR Outsourcing firm that offers custom-tailored services for your unique organization. Having your needs best met with the right HR solution is our goal at MMC.

Client Satisfaction


MMC’s level of service speaks for itself. Our average client retention rate is well above the industry standard. Join MMC’s team of satisfied employers today.

Meet Business Goals


By outsourcing HR back office functions such as payroll processing, tax filing, employee benefits administration, human resources management, and workers’ compensation, MMC clients enjoy more time and resources to dedicate to revenue-generating activities while their employees enjoy the streamlined process of having their employee and family needs best met.

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Online HR Tools

Utilize MMC’s HR Outsourcing Service Solutions to its full potential with our innovative HRIS platform.
Stay up to date about changes made within your organization with our easy to use member login application. Both employers and employees are able to utilize eTime entry Capabilities, as well as downloading available forms. Access information readily from your own office or home.
Mobile time and labor system affords management real-time data for Employees, allowing for greater [labor] cost visibility.
Collaborative integration of HRO solution with an HRIS designed to drive self sufficiency amongst employees and management.

Innovative HRIS platform

  • HR Information Systems
  • Automated Time & Attendance
  • Customized Reporting
  • Manager/Employee Self-Service
  • Limit unreported absenteeism and over-reliance on site supervisors
  • Transmit wage reports into your accounting software package
  • Concise billing statements allowing for clear billing and no surprises

Time & Attendance

  • Easily expand or scale back functionality to address the unique needs of each administrator, manager, and employee
  • Configurable labels and workflow simplify usage and increase system acceptance
  • Process pay rules for virtually any work environment with ease

HRIS Manager

MMC’s Manager Self-Service (MSS) Web Access enable every manager to positively impact the bottom line by increasing efficiency. Authorized managers have immediate self-service access to critical employee information such as salary, key dates, and emergency contacts, with tools that enable them to make smart management decisions.
  • eTime Entry Capabilities
  • Reporting Functions
  • Downloadable Resources
  • 24-hr Access to Customer Support

HRIS Employee

MMC’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) Web Access offers important business value by improving employee relations through empowerment, while simultaneously reducing the administrative workload for HR and payroll departments.
  • Paycheck Overview
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Downloadable Resources
  • 24-hr Access to Customer Support