Recruitment - Integrated Solution

Integrated recruiting

What is Integrated Recruiting?

Integrated recruiting and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) embody the convergence of various recruiting tools and processes within a unified system. This integrated approach aims to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire recruitment lifecycle by seamlessly merging HRIS functionalities with ATS capabilities. With a centralized platform, organizations can manage the end-to-end recruitment process – from creating and posting job openings to onboarding – eliminating the need for disjointed tools and ensuring a smooth flow of data between different stages. Collaboration among the hiring team is facilitated within the integrated system, promoting effective communication, sharing feedback, and maintaining a cohesive approach. Real-time analytics enable organizations to track key performance indicators, assess recruitment strategies, and make data-driven decisions, while enhanced adaptability and scalability accommodate the evolving needs of the organization. In essence, integrated recruiting and ATS systems provide a holistic solution that simplifies administrative tasks, improves collaboration, enhances the candidate experience, and contributes to strategic decision-making in the realm of human resources and recruiting.

Integrated recruiting

Why Is Integrating Recruiting Important?

Integrating recruiting is paramount due to its transformative impact on the efficiency, cohesion, and overall success of the talent acquisition process. A seamlessly integrated recruiting system, incorporating both HRIS and ATS functionalities, ensures a unified approach from job posting to onboarding. This cohesion not only streamlines administrative tasks but also reduces data entry redundancies, minimizing errors and enhancing data accuracy. The collaborative nature of integrated systems fosters effective communication among the hiring team, promoting a synchronized effort in evaluating and selecting candidates. Real-time analytics provided by these integrated platforms empower organizations to make informed decisions, optimize recruitment strategies, and gauge the effectiveness of their hiring processes. The adaptability and scalability inherent in integrated systems cater to the dynamic nature of organizational needs, allowing for flexibility and growth. Ultimately, integrating recruiting is crucial in creating a comprehensive, agile, and strategic approach to talent acquisition that aligns with the evolving demands of the modern workforce and business landscape.

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Integrated recruiting

Why Choose Ready Recruiting?

The complexity of traditional recruiting systems can create disengaging and burdensome experiences for candidates, increasing application abandonment and decreasing the chances of finding the right people. Ready Recruiting offers a unique, candidate-centric design that helps engage candidates with familiar technology they want to use, so you can start building successful relationships from the first interaction.

Features of Ready Recruting

❚ Career site configurable to your brand.

❚ Centralized recruiting workspace for common activities.

❚ Job requisition tool for building internal and external listings.

❚ Connections to popular job boards like Indeed.

❚ Flexible online application forms.

❚ Pre screening and knockout questions to filter applicants.

❚ Quick apply options for high volume or high turnover roles.

❚ Resume parsing.

❚ Rehire options for returning employees.

❚ Applicant tracking, notifications, and hiring team organization tools.

❚ Background screening and WOTC integrations.

❚ Sentiment analysis options to understand interviewer feedback.

❚ Built in communication tools configurable to your brand.

❚ Two-way text message communication with applicants.

❚ Applicant self service, such as tracking application completion, applying for multiple positions, and status updates on any device.

❚ Recruiting insights, such as common locations applied from, cost and time to hire metrics, top recruiting channels, and turnover rates.

Inviting Candidate Experience

Make it easy for applicants to give the right information, search for jobs, and apply online on any device. Our flexible career site and communications tools can fully adjust to reflect your organization’s brand and culture, giving a consistent, engaging look and feel.

Intuitive Talent Analytics

Quickly keep pace with which candidates are at what phase in your recruiting process and recognize what channels work best, where successful new hires came from, and even how stakeholders feel about different candidates all in one easy to manage workspace.

Smooth Hiring Transition

Flow applicant information seamlessly into a new employee record with the push of a button and start the onboarding process, cutting down on administrative tasks, avoiding duplicate effort, and getting your new hires ready and excited from the start.

Integrated recruiting

Key Benefits

For the Business

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Build and post job listings in a fast, repeatable way.
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Easily keep track of your applicants’ statuses and the hiring phases they’re at.
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Highlight your organization’s culture and brand on the web and in your communications.
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Proactively source candidates through multiple channels.
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Quickly understand the feelings behind the feedback when interviewers evaluate applicants.
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Continuously improve your recruiting strategy based on trusted facts about your organization’s talent trends.
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Save time and reduce administrative hassle across your recruiting and hiring pipeline.

For Applicants

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Apply to jobs anytime, anywhere, on any device.
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Move through the interview process smoothly and receive feedback fast.
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Get a feel for the organization you’re applying to and a clear picture of what it’s like to work there.
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Find the right jobs in the places you search most.
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Understand if you’re a good fit for a role fast so you can move forward or keep searching.
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Have a clear idea of what you’ll need to succeed if you get hired.
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Become engaged from the start when hired with resources tailored to your position.