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The healthcare industry brings along its own set of human resource challenges and MMC is here to help your business tackle them all head on. With the demand for healthcare professionals increasing but the amount of available primary care physicians decreasing, the healthcare sector is facing a huge dilemma with staff shortages. MMC gives you the support your company needs to ensure that your employees’ HR needs are taken care of.


When it comes to education organizations, make sure your employees are covered with MMC. Our HR services give your organization the solutions you need to get ahead and stay ahead of the learning curve. MMC’s benefits administration make your complicated plans simpler and easier for your employees to understand.

Nonprofits / Charities

HR needs are just as vital, if not more, to nonprofits or charities as they are to for-profit companies. Nonprofits bring along their own unique set of HR needs that are not easily fulfilled in the traditional HR manner. Let MMC take care of your nonprofit or charity and rest assured that your unique HR needs will be met so you can keep giving back to those in need.

Accounting Firms

For many accounting firms, offering payroll and HR services is a great way to grow your business, increase revenue, and strengthen your relationship with your current clients. MMC gives you the HR excellence your company needs to continue being a trusted adviser to existing clients while bringing on new ones.

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Real Estate & Property Management

Like many other industries, the property management industry faces numerous challenges in human resource management. However, MMC’s HR services ensure your employee benefits are completed and human resource management services are met. We make sure that your company stays on track so you can get back to business.

Dental Practices

Ever thought about how outsourcing can make your dental practice run smoother? Imagine partnering with MMC to handle your HR needs. Not only does it take the hassle out of managing employee-related tasks, like payroll and benefits, but it also ensures compliance with all the intricate regulations that come with running a dental office.


MMC’s HR services will keep your entertainment business running smoothly so you can focus on other things. Our state-of-the-art HR techniques and tools ensure that your problems will always have quick, efficient solutions. Contact MMC today to see how we can help your entertainment business with it’s HR needs.

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Professional Services

Ever wanted your company to be completely covered when it comes to Human Resources? Leave it to the experts, MMC’s got your HR needs handled! Our HR professionals will make sure that all of yours receive their benefits and services with as little headache to you as possible.

Aerospace and Manufacturing

We view Light Manufacturing as a sector that includes businesses that process, fabricate or assemble products for end users, typically doing so indoors within a clean plant environment and without the use of extensive raw materials, risky activities and heavy-industry or union workers. Employee skills and education are often important and thus the compensation, employee satisfaction with HR matters, worker value and desire for retention are all quite high. That is where MMC comes in, delivering the highest quality of HRO service available.


MMC provides strategic HR solutions that drive your technology business and align your people and business strategies. We give you the HR edge so that you can continue leading the technology world forward. Whatever the size of your business, our HR experts make sure that your employee needs and benefits are met and exceeded.

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Financial Services

In a world full of numbers, make sure you give your employees 100%. In the past few years, the financial and banking sectors have demonstrated the need for knowledgeable HR professionals. MMC’s HR professionals will give you the support you need to back your company and provide your employees with all the benefits they need to keep giving you their best.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

As a venture capital or private equity firm, achieving your financial growth objectives means minimizing the risk inherent in mergers and acquisitions, and ensuring the businesses you invent in operate at their full potential. MMC makes sure that your HR practices are an effective means of doing just that. Give us a call today to find out how we can fulfill your HR needs.

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