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human resources auditing

What Is an HR Audit?

Wondering what an HR audit is? Simply put, it’s like a health check for your company’s HR department. When done by by MMC, this HR audit process examines how well your human resource practices perform crucial duties such as legal compliance, operational efficiency and strategic alignment with your company goals. It looks at everything from whether you’re in compliance with employment laws, to how effective your HR policies and procedures are, how you manage and develop talent, and even how you manage compensation and benefits for your staff. This review helps pinpoint what you’re doing right and where we could make improvements, giving you the insights you need to make smart decisions, reduce legal risks, and make sure your HR efforts are really pushing your company forward.

Why choose MMC for a human resource audit? Simply put, we are the experts at finding opportunities for improvement and optimizing your HR practices. An MMC hr audit can provide many things, like potential compliance pitfalls, streamlining your HR tasks for better efficiency, and making sure your HR strategy is actually contributing to your company’s goals. Plus, with work environment always changing, an HR audit keeps you thinking ahead and ready to adapt to any new challenges that may arise. This means not just surviving but excelling in today’s fast-paced business landscape.


It’s time to take an objective look at your business

MMC’s HR Audit takes an in-depth look at your business to identify the health of your HR policies, practices, and procedures. It highlights areas of strengths and weakness within your organization and points towards possible areas of improvement. At MMC we go a step further by outlining actionable steps to offset risk and help take your organization to the next level.  

Legal Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Conducting HR audits ensures that an organization remains legally compliant, proactively addressing potential issues and minimizing the risk of legal disputes and penalties.

Operational Efficiency Optimization

HR audits enable businesses to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and strategically allocate resources, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Strategic Alignment for Business Growth

Through talent management assessments and workforce planning, HR audits align HR practices with broader business goals, fostering innovation and productivity for sustained organizational growth

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human resources auditing

What Specific Areas Do HR Audits Examine?

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Every organization, no matter the size, must adhere to compliance regulations; federal, state, or local laws and regulations.

Best Practices

A set of tasks and procedures that are proven to lead to optimal efficiency and results. The most efficient and effective course of action in a particular situation.


Companies use business performance to assess employees and the overall execution of their company. It provides managers, business owners and management teams valuable information on their employees.


The word "competitive" relates to employers using their salary rates to compete with other companies to secure high-quality employees.

Function Specific

Examine an area of your HR processes or policies. You might choose to investigate an area such as payroll management, employee review policies, record-keeping efficiency, etc.

Employee File Audit

A personnel audit is the periodic and systematic review of your personnel files to assess whether the documents in each employee's personnel file are accurate, up to date, and complete.

human resources auditing

Why Is an HR Audit Important?

Why is a regular HR audit important for your business’ success? Think of it as a comprehensive health check for your company’s HR department performed by MMC. An HR audit, or human resource audit, dives deep into your HR practices to make sure everything is up to speed with current employment laws, helping you avoid any legal troubles or penalties. It’s a smart way to ensure your business isn’t just compliant, but also protected and serving your company’s goals.

It doesn’t stop there, the HR audit process also looks at how your HR operations are run. It examines areas like how you manage talent, handle employee relationships, and structure compensation. The goal? To find any inefficiencies and improve upon them. This means your business runs more smoothly and can focus its resources where they’re needed most, boosting both resilience and efficiency.

Moreover, MMC’s HR audits help make sure your HR strategies are in line with your overall business objectives. By identifying any mismatches or areas for improvement, the audit guides you in adjusting your HR practices. This way, your team doesn’t just support your business; it drives innovation and growth, keeping you ahead in a competitive landscape. Plus, with insights into the latest industry trends, these audits equip you to quickly adapt to any changes in the business world.

In short, MMC’s HR audits are a powerful tool in your arsenal, helping you navigate business complexities, minimize risks, and secure a path to long-term success. They ensure your HR department isn’t just a part of your business but a strategic partner in your journey.

How Does it Work?

A qualified MMC HR representative will come on site to review all aspects of your current HR practices, policies, and procedures. Our comprehensive approach ensures that a broad range of compliance related topics are covered, and all areas of exposure are addressed. Below is a sample of the topics covered:

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Wage & Hour Compliance – Exempt vs. Non-exempt, FLSA Compliant, Overtime Laws
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Benefits – Covering FMLA, COBRA, Form 5500s, 401(k) and more
A blue circle with a white checkmark inside
Management – ACA Health Care Reform
A blue circle with a white checkmark inside
Hiring – Employee Handbook, I-9 / Homeland Security compliance, Best practices
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Employee Relations – legal disciplinary action, whistle-blower policies, and more
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New Employees – onboarding, training, documentation
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Safety & Security – Injury and Illness (I2P2 documentation), OSHA ruling, record keeping and recording
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