Time and Labor Management Systems

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What Is Time and Labor?

Time and labor, in a business context, refer to the critical components involved in managing and tracking the hours employees dedicate to their work. The comprehensive scope of time and labor management encompasses a spectrum of activities, including the precise recording of employees’ clock-in and clock-out times, monitoring breaks, managing overtime, and addressing other facets associated with the time-based aspects of workforce operations. Clocking in and out accurately, accounting for breaks, and properly managing overtime are integral aspects of time and labor tracking that contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. These components play a pivotal role in shaping a well-regulated work environment, ensuring that employees’ time is utilized optimally, and facilitating compliance with labor regulations. By diligently overseeing time and labor aspects, businesses can not only enhance operational productivity but also foster a structured and compliant workplace environment.

human resources outsourcing

What Is Time and Labor Management?

Outsourcing time and labor management involves delegating these intricate responsibilities to external service providers, like MMC. In this arrangement, businesses collaborate with a specialized outsourcing partner to handle tasks like tracking work hours, managing attendance records, and ensuring accurate payroll processing. Outsourcing time and labor management allows companies to benefit from the expertise of professionals who are well-versed in the complexities of workforce timekeeping and compliance.

By outsourcing these functions to MMC, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in managing their workforce’s time-related aspects. MMC leverages advanced technologies and industry best practices to streamline processes, reducing the administrative burden on youy company. This strategic approach enables businesses to concentrate on their core functions while entrusting the intricacies of time and labor management to specialized outsourcing partners, ultimately fostering a more productive and well-regulated work environment.

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A Flexible, Reliable and Easy to Use Web-Based Solution for Your Business

Time and Labor management are critical to maintaining a competitive edge but tracking attendance behavior and productivity proves to be challenging for most organizations. We can help your business overcome these hurdles and become more efficient. Manage your greatest asset, your workforce, with an innovative Time & Labor Management solution.

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How Does MMC HR Help Businesses
Manage Time and Labor?

Our system offers features such as notifications to reduce time associated with collecting and processing payroll data. Data synchronization of employee records, reason codes, schedules, benefit information, and other important data ensures all Payroll and Human Resources related applications run in parallel. Managers can quickly identify exception-based occurrences, analyze data collected, and forecast overtime. MMC’s Time & Labor Solution helps you business manage and track your employees more efficiently and effectively.

Comply with Employment Regulations

Adhering to legal requirements and standards governing the treatment of workers and the workplace within a given jurisdiction.

Control Labor Costs

Implementing strategies to manage and optimize expenses related to workforce salaries, benefits, and operational efficiency.

Improve Workforce Productivity

Inhancing the efficiency and output of employees through effective management practices, skill development, and resource optimization.

Execute Payroll with Greater Accuracy

Ensuring precise and error-free processing of employee compensation, tax deductions, and other financial transactions related to wages.

Create Flexible Schedules

Designing work timetables that accommodate variations in working hours or locations to provide employees with increased control and adaptability in fulfilling their job responsibilities.

Reduce Data Entry Costs

Implementing measures to minimize manual input of information, thereby lowering the associated expenses and enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Fraud Protection

Eliminate Buddy Punching.
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Biometric Attendance System

One of the most flexible & User friendly Biometric Attendance Systems. MMC’s biometric attendance system combines a graphic color screen with technologically advanced features for all your time & attendance and applications.

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Why Use a Biometric Time and
Attendance System?

Eliminate Fraud:  Biometric methods of identification with a fingerprint scanner assist you to prevent your employees clocking on for another ‘buddy clocking’ and also inhibit your staff from borrowing of cards to gain access to restrained areas.

Enhance Security: The personal data of your employees like fingertips is well protected and there is nobody can retrieve this information from Synel’s devices. Fingerprint scanning or facial recognition provide you with identifiable human characteristics which ensure that only an authorised person can gain access to a restricted area.

Lower Administration & Labour Costs: With the use of a biometric time clock, you can minimise administration costs, as there is no need to keep and update long lists with passwords and names of staff.

The devices save all the information needed – it’s either a fingertip or a face template


Powerful processor
Fast matching time
Improved ROI
Fast / multiple identification methods
Compact and attractive design
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