MMChr 2021 Annual HR Check-Up

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Congratulations on making it through the first few weeks of 2021!  MMChr has put together this “HR Check Up” to provide your company with a quick and easy way to help you to identify any areas that may need additional work within your organization.  MMChr can assist with consulting on all areas listed below, and we look forward to the opportunity to help enhance your company’s HR structure.  Please review the list below to determine any areas our HR team can assist with.

Posting Requirements

  • Post all required federal, state, and local postings in a conspicuous location easily viewable by employees.  MMC is sending all clients updated copies of the labor law posters in the next few weeks.
  • Satisfy posting requirements as to remote workers.  MMC utilizes our website to satisfy this requirement.   You may direct your employees to MMC website or ask your MMC HR services team for the digital posters to post on your own company site.


  • Use a new hire checklist as part of the hiring process.  This should include your job posting details, interview procedures, employment application, offer letter, background check process, and onboarding steps.
  • Reach out to MMC for a customizable conditional employment offer letter template.
  • Have form job descriptions for each class of employee.  MMC HR team can assist with providing these for you to customize based on your business.
  • Be aware of state and federal background check laws.  MMC strongly suggests that background checks be performed for your candidates.  The conditional employment offer letter will state that the new hire will begin work AFTER the background check results and received and reviewed for approval.
  • Ensure that Employment Applications are being used with all interviews. MMC has a sample employment application for client use. Use of this application during the interview process will help you gather important information about your candidate.
  • When filling a job vacancy, provide hiring managers or supervisors with a list of common interview questions for each candidate.
  • Ensure that all new hires complete their new hire paperwork on the first day of employment. If using MMC UpHire System, the employee should complete the online onboarding no later that the first day of work.

Employee Compensation and Classification

  • Ensure that the employee is properly using your time clock or timekeeping system. This should include daily logs of all time worked and meal breaks taken for non-exempt employees.
  • List nonexempt employees’ overtime hours in a time record.
  • Ensure that all employees are meeting minimum wage requirements.  MMC performs an annual review for all clients, but client is responsible to perform a detailed review of all payroll to ensure accuracy.
  • Review all employee classifications.


  • Have a process in place to inform employees of how they can obtain copies of their employee handbook and company policies.

Personnel Files

  • Ensure that you are retaining all copies of documents pertaining to employee personnel file, including job descriptions, offer letters, emergency contact information, applications, payroll paperwork, status changes, performance and disciplinary documents.  MMC retains documents but client is ultimately responsible for file retention.
  • Ensure that employees’ personnel files do not contain medical records and/or medical information, including benefit enrollment forms and disability forms.
  • Maintain Form I-9 records separately and ensure that these are not in employees’ personnel files.


  • Perform an internal training needs analysis to determine your company’s training needs.
  • Ensure all staff receives the mandatory Sexual Harassment prevention training.  This must be offered once a year for supervisors and once every two years for employees.  MMC offers this course on-line.  Reach out to your HR team to set this up.
  • Conduct training for individuals promoted from nonmanagerial to managerial positions. 

Handbooks and Work Rules

  • Have work rules in place that are reasonably designed to detect and prevent employee misconduct.
  • Ensure that the employee handbook and other work rules, including any updates, have been communicated to all employees.
  • Have a procedure in place to ensure key operations continue if an emergency event occurs.
  • Review your current employee handbook and addendum. If you worked with MMC to customize your handbook, reach out to your HR services team to review your current policies.

Workplace Safety

  • Have a process in place for evacuating worksite premises in the event of an emergency.
  • Communicate evacuation procedures to employees.
  • Assign a team of employees to ensure evacuation occurs in an orderly fashion.
  • Provide evacuation team with appropriate training.
  • Conduct an emergency evacuation drill during the preceding 12 months.
  • Offer CPR and/or first aid training.
  • Have a procedure in place, and person responsible for handling, workers’ compensation paperwork and reporting.
  • Keep your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) up to date and accessible to employees wither on-site or on-line. MMC can provide you with a template to customize your IIPP.

Employee Performance and Discipline

  • Have a process in place for monitoring employees’ work performance. MMC has recommended forms and processes in place for this.
  • Ensure that supervisors and managers have received training regarding when and how to document poor work performance.
  • Ensure that poor work performance is appropriately addressed and thoroughly documented.
  • Prior to taking disciplinary measures, ensure that supervisors and managers notify and involve HR.
  • When appropriate and possible, have a process in place to rehabilitate employees who are performing poorly.
  • Document the employee rehabilitation process, including employees’ improvement or failure to improve.


  • Consult with MMC on termination procedures and final pay guidelines.
  • Discuss termination reasons, logistics, any possible severance agreements with MMC HR.

This is not all areas of HR, but we hope this covers the main needs of your organization. As always, please feel free to reach out to your HR Services team with any questions or additional guidance.

Authored by: Adriana Rubio Keane