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Controlling Your Emotions at Work

A phrase we have all heard at some point in our lifetime. The phrase means that when you’re faced with a difficult situation, you work harder to solve that situation. Throughout our personal and professional careers, we are challenged. Sometimes we are placed in tough situations that can alter our emotions negatively. However, there are ways that one can cope with the tough situations, so that those emotions aren’t altered.

6 Things You Should Do at Work Prior to Your Vacation

Picture yourself relaxing on a beach, soaking in the sun, and enjoying that book you have been putting off for the last couple of months. Is it not great? Enjoy that stress free vacation this year by preparing properly prior to your departure. Do not let work intervene with your much-anticipated vacation. To help plan for your vacation, we have compiled a list of things you should do at work to ensure you can enjoy your vacation.


5 Ways to Improve your Health at Work

Sitting eight hours a day at a desk can take a toll on your health. During the month of May there are many health awareness events. There is an array of health issues from correct posture to visual health awareness that this month hosts. In honor of the extensive health awareness campaigns in the month of May, we have compiled five ways you can stay healthy at work.


4 Steps to Achieve Professional Growth at Work

The environment is constantly changing for companies and employees of those companies. Both can flourish and grow professionally together. Often, it takes time to reach those milestones, but when both companies and employees work together, anything can happen.

Gender Restrooms

California Law Makers Introduce Gender Neutral Restrooms

In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation mandating all single-occupancy restrooms be open to every individual regardless of gender. Business owners must comply by re-branding their restrooms with gender inclusive signage beginning March 1, 2017.

California’s New Employment Laws for 2017

California State Minimum Wage Increase
(Senate Bill No. 3)

1/1/2017 Increases the minimum wage over the next several years to $15 an hour. Starting on 1/1/2017, businesses with 26 or more employees must pay a minimum wage of at least $10.50 per hour. Businesses with less than 26 employees are not required to make the change until 2018.

Conducting a Successful Interview

Conducting an interview can be stressful for both the interviewer and the applicant. Every company wants the perfect employee and to find that perfect employee, the interview must be the best interview possible. Here are some tips on how to interview an applicant properly and effectively.

11 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Employees

Employee Appreciation Day isn’t around the corner. As a matter of fact, it won’t be coming around for another four months. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be thankful for all that your employees do for you. Fall and winter are the seasons of giving and being thankful. So why not thank your employees for all the hard work they have done this year. As the year comes to an end, employers should consider how to thank their employees and make them feel special these seasons and in the upcoming year.


Depending on the internship, the program, and the field of study may impact whether or not one feels it would be worth it to commit the time and effort. Another note to keep in mind: not all internships are non-paid.

The idea of most internships is to provide individuals with a series of job assignments, designed to prepare them for the next level of responsibilities, should they move forward with employment at the company, following their education. Doing so will prepare the individuals, as the nature of their responsibilities should be in line with the student’s program or career. An internship should be focused on offering insight, experience, and education. An internship should not be a company’s opportunity to employ free or low-paid staff. Both the company and the student, both, should be able to benefit from each internship opportunity.

A not-so-happy happy hour patron was playing a word game on her phone, disengaged from the conversation going on among her friends. She exemplified a discouraged look, and somewhat crestfallen stance. After speaking with her, it became known that she was in fact discouraged, as she was weighing options whether or not to take an internship.

“I just feel like I have worked so hard in school, while having an actual job” she said. “I’ve been making money to support myself, and now, as I am reaching the end of my curriculum, it seems like the big reward for me is to take a non-paid internship” she continued.

Her other friends didn’t seem to take their own news of internships quite as harshly. “Inside experience of working in a particular field” said one of her friends. “It’s worth starving for a few months, in the end the rewards will be greater.”

“I put money aside a long time ago” chimed in another one of her friends. “The chance of getting an internship with a company I admire is something I couldn’t pass up” she said. “I couldn’t imagine turning it down, because I wouldn’t be able to afford the experience.”

The friends were gathering to celebrate some of the internships that had been confirmed among them, while others did not see this as much of a call for celebration. “I have to do it, just to gain the experience and to meet people at the company” said a fourth friend in the circle. “But I’m going to have to really work even harder than I am to make sure I’m still able to pay rent.”

“A decent estimate would be to say that over 25% of the new hires at the company I work for previously held internship positions at the company” mentioned a patron nearby. “They are not only interviewing for a job at the company, but they are familiar with the corporate culture, and have a greater sense of wanting THE job, and not just wanting A job” he said.

Going back to the girl mentioned earlier, who first expressed to me the pros (and more cons) of interning as she had imagined it would be, it was because she valued the idea of the internship that she was even weighing the options to begin with. “If it wasn’t a win for me, I would have made up my mind already” she said. “But I know it will offer more good than any paid job I would have over the next few months, before graduation” she said.

As this conversation was being had several months ago, the results since have proved to be very favorable. “I did it!” she exclaimed. “I took the risk. I found ways of making the money I needed to survive, and in the end, got to take part in the internship as well. I feel like I added so much to my education, as it was such a hands on way to practice what I learned in school” she continued. “It was definitely worth the risk” she said. “I just can’t believe I spent so much time worrying about what to do!”

Growth in the Workplace

One of the most popular questions to ask friends, family, and acquaintances after they have given the great news that they have been hired at a new job is, “do you feel there is room for growth within the company?” Unless the newly hired employee has the power to see into the future, how else would he or she know?

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