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Gender Restrooms

California Law Makers Introduce Gender Neutral Restrooms

In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation mandating all single-occupancy restrooms be open to every individual regardless of gender. Business owners must comply by re-branding their restrooms with gender inclusive signage beginning March 1, 2017.





  • Business owners – assess your restroom facilities in preparation for compliance
  • Changes will impact both employee use and customer use
  • This bill allows for inspection by inspectors, building officials, or other local officials responsible for code enforcement to ensure compliance
  • All single-occupancy restrooms to be labeled as “all gender”
  • Every single-occupancy restroom is required to be open and available for all persons regardless of gender or gender-identity
  • Businesses should identify all of their single-occupancy restrooms and begin ordering appropriate signage now
  • Look for Title 24 compliant restroom signs containing figures of both a male and female
  • March 1, 2017 – deadline for compliance
  • Every business, government agency, and place of public accommodation in the State of California


  • All single-occupancy restrooms are required to be open and available for all persons regardless of gender or gender-identity
  • The legislation affirmatively requires a re-branding of all single-occupancy restrooms from “single-gender” to “all-gender” and prohibits the use of single-gender restrooms when the restroom is single-occupancy
  • If a business has two single-occupancy restrooms, both will need to be re-branded as “all-gender” restrooms
  • The new law only applies to single-occupancy restrooms
  • A single-occupancy restroom is defined as “a toilet facility with no more than one water closet and one urinal with a locking mechanism controlled by the user.”
  • Therefore, the new law does not apply to restrooms intended to facilitate more than one occupant at a time

Temporary gender neutral restroom signage can be downloaded here.