TELUS acquires LifeWorks


MMC’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partner lifeworks has recently been acquired by Telus Health.

The acquisition significantly accelerates TELUS Health’s vision of employer-based healthcare, increasing access to high quality, proactive healthcare and mental wellness for employees by unifying digital-first solutions across the care continuum. 

MMC would like to take this opportunity to provide you with reassurance and ensure that any concerns regarding the acquisition of Lifeworks by Telus Health are addressed. We want to emphasize that this acquisition will not have any adverse effects on your valued employees. On the contrary, it is expected to bring about significant improvements in the level of service they currently receive.

By joining forces with Telus Health, Lifeworks will be able to leverage their expertise, resources, and technological advancements. This synergy will lead to an elevated quality of service, enabling your employees to benefit from a more comprehensive and seamless experience. They can expect an expanded range of health and wellness solutions, cutting-edge digital tools, and enhanced support to help them navigate their personal and professional lives with greater ease and effectiveness.

Furthermore, the acquisition will enable Lifeworks to tap into Telus Health’s extensive network and established presence in the healthcare industry. This will facilitate access to a wider array of healthcare providers, specialists, and wellness professionals, thereby enriching the options available to your employees. The collaborative efforts between Lifeworks and Telus Health will ensure a smooth transition, with a focus on maintaining and improving the services that your employees have come to rely on.

Rest assured, MMC is fully committed to the well-being and satisfaction of your workforce. We anticipate that the acquisition of Lifeworks by Telus Health will only bring positive changes and elevate the level of service provided to your employees. We will diligently monitor the transition process to ensure a seamless integration and minimize any potential disruptions. Our aim is to deliver an even better, more comprehensive suite of services that cater to the evolving needs of your employees and ultimately contribute to their overall health, happiness, and productivity.