MMC Announces Educational Enrichment Program with Claremont Graduate University

LOS ANGELES, California– Education renews itself by opening doors, advancing knowledge, and catering to creativity for the lifetime of any individual.  Validating the permanency and necessity of such an investment, MMC, Inc (MMC) will launch a program which will offer a greater understanding to an elite educational program by offering avenues of real world experience for the students.  A premier Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting service organization, MMC continues its tradition of academic and community involvement in a recent partnership with world renowned Claremont Graduate University (CGU).  In an effort to afford graduate students real-world experience to pair with the rigors of their studies, MMC will provide apprenticeships to students of CGU’s famed School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences (SBOS).

MMC CEO, Mashi Rahmani is no stranger to the academic elite.  Having built relationships with UCLA, HAART, Princeton University, and TRIUM (NYU Stern/LSE/HEC Paris), Rahmani also holds a seat on the CGU Board of Trustees.  “Students versed only in academic theory conventionally need several years of post graduate experience to become key contributors in their respective organizations” he exclaims.  “Our goal is to offer CGU students the opportunity to apply organizational dynamics and corporate communication within the scope and confines of MMC’s innovative business model, which incorporates many aspects of MBA programs across the nation today. The objective is combine knowledge and experience for an SBOS graduate to become well versed in organizational theory, equipped with a firm understanding of business principles.  The long term result is to develop significant contributions from graduates in a timely manner.”

Since the late 1960s, the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences (SBOS) at Claremont Graduate University has been a leader in providing graduate education in applied psychological science, and in preparing students to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse and global community.  More than 1,200 alumni with graduate degrees in psychology hold major positions in business, consulting, government, health care, public health, community settings, research institutes and think tanks, and at colleges and major universities across the globe.

Incoming classes of SBOS students will spend time at the MMC Corporate office in Los Angeles learning about core business principles at work in MMC’s industry renowned, Innovative Management Approach (IMA)™.  In sum, MMC’s IMA™ model incorporates the elements of Finance, Risk Mitigation, Strategy, Management and Information Systems into a distinct vehicle, working to protect the interests of business owners and build the bottom line.

Established in 1983 for the purpose of increasing efficiency and mitigating exposure to risk for our partners, MMC offers a total solution for many of the biggest challenges executives face today — human resources management and increasing litigation of labor law employment issues.  By outsourcing back office functions such as payroll processing, tax filing, employee benefits administration, human resources management, labor and employment law concerns, worker’s compensation and commercial lines of insurance, MMC’s clients can redirect focus to revenue-generating activities.

“We are extremely excited to witness this educational initiative come to fruition” says Rahmani.  “I am confident that the approach will offer an education to all involved, from both an academic point of view as well as in a corporate office.”

An education field trip to kick-off the endeavor will take place at the MMC Corporate Office on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, in which MMC Department Managers will work with the students to answer questions, and to offer them a window of hands-on experience.

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