Establishing Culture & Tradition to Increase Company Productivity

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It’s always nice to hear about companies who go beyond the norm to ensure their employees are happy at work. Companies with unique traditions and culture set themselves apart from other companies. Ultimately retaining their employees for longer periods of time. Creating a space where employees can be productive, requires that employers establish a sense of culture and create traditions that are unique to one’s company. Creating these traditions and culture is not easy. It takes time, effort and a little planning.

Establish A Company Culture

The Harvard Business Review states that “culture is important to employees, because workers are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace when they fit in with”  everyone at the company. To have a successful business, your company must have a strong culture that your employees can relate to. Additionally, Integrate CEO Jeremy Bloom suggests that your business should have a “culture that recognizes and embraces shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize the goals of the organization.” To establish the culture in your company, you must first meet with your company’s board and discuss your core values and vision. Once established, share it with your company. Allow them to give feedback. Adjust accordingly to the feedback and move forward creating your company’s culture.

Create Company Traditions

In addition to a good company culture, companies must also create traditions that will set them apart from other companies. Scott Britton states that “one aspect that separates one company from another are the people and the things that you do together.” When you create traditions that your who team can be a part of, your employees are inspired and feel like they are “part of something bigger than” themselves. By creating cultural traditions, employers are “creating a place where people love to work.” Thus, retaining their employees.

In conclusion, your office’s culture and traditions can ensure retention. Companies with unique traditions and culture tend to retain employees. Employees who are happy will work productively. Make sure to work on your company’s culture and tradition to ensure you’re setting yourself apart from other companies and to ensure your employees are happy and well.

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