Employee Spotlight Yeison Pineda

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Employee Spotlight: Yeison Pineda
What is Risk Management & The Process?

Risk management is essential for organizations to navigate an unpredictable business environment, protect their interests, and position themselves for sustained success. MMC’s Risk Supervisor, Yeison Pineda, outlines his steps to building foundations for an effective risk management plan to ensure security for your business and the employees that keep it running.


What is Risk Management?

“Risk management is a process that helps identify, evaluate, address, and minimize workers’ compensation claims.”


The Process

  1. Identify and reduce the possible for accidents or illnesses in the workplace.
  2. Coach employees to report the injury or illness to a supervisor as soon as possible to avoid delays or red flags on the claim process.
  3. Report the work-related accident or illness to MMC’s risk department.
  4. The risk department prepares the necessary paperwork, and requests paperwork from the affected employee.
  5. With optimal care, MMC’s team suggests a clinic convenient to your employee.
  6. Claim is filed with the insurance company.
  7. The adjuster takes over.

Based on the process, employers and employees benefit from prioritizing timeliness.  Employees receive treatment as soon as possible and employers enhance their productivity and employee relationships. Timeliness and efficiency are crucial components during the course of action. When curated successfully, increased efficiency with a well-executed plan can decrease risk costs by up to 20 percent, improving transparency, accountability efforts, and employee satisfaction simultaneously.

Yeison’s Final Notes 

“MMC is here to ease the load on our clients. Employees are able to come up with a game plan to help ease the injury or illness claim process. In a short turn-around time, the necessary forms are sent, ensuring the importance of urgency.