Employee Spotlight Katherine Howe

A street view photo of the MMC HR office building with a photo of Katherine in the corner.
Employee Spotlight: Katherine Howe

Introducing MMC’s Employee Empowerment Program

The Employee Engagement program (EEP) at MMC was created in 2023 to be a platform dedicated for employees to have a voice and make contributions to the overall health and culture of our organization. Not only are we here to support any internal staff concerns, but we are also implementing various teambuilding events and open communication opportunities throughout the year! Engagement is key in the success rate of this initiative. We are super excited to see it already unfolding as an effective program and allowing the necessary steps to create an even healthier and inclusive work environment for all.

In any organization, the employees are the most valuable assets. We all have a mission to perform our jobs well, be acknowledged for our work and to be well respected by our coworkers and managers. Having an EEP program allows for that recognition and respect. It works as an effective way to build trust and have transparency within the organization.

At MMC, we are fortunate to be in a business driven by service to others. When we are collaborating as a strong team, we are elevating our top-notch service to our clients. As the leader and Employee Advocate of our EEP program, I am confident that employers who replicate this program will achieve more success and leadership within their business industries!

We look forward to 2024 as we continue to expand our EEP program here at MMC!