Celebrating MMC’s 40th Anniversary

A banner photo of MMC HR's building with their logo celebrating 40 years of business. The text on the banner reads "MMC's 40th Anniversary! MMC takes great pride i the longevity of our relationships. Many clients remaining loyal to us for nearly four decades.


We are extremely proud to announce our unwavering dedication to advancing human resources through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. Despite our reputation for providing individualized, highly advanced HR services with a human touch, demand for our distinctive approach has grown to a worldwide level, drawing foreign businesses looking to develop in the United States.

We have invested over $1 million in a thorough AI and automation plan to meet this growing demand, leveraging the strength of Salesforce and MuleSoft to improve our HR skills. We have been able to improve UKG’s product line thanks to our connection with them and expand on our more than 20 years of fruitful cooperation.

We have transcended conventional ways of communication and adopted the effectiveness and real-time connectedness of RingCentral telecommunications and texting as a result of our unrelenting quest of excellence. Our senior team and skilled HR specialists collectively have more than 200 years of expertise, so we are well-equipped to provide our clients with great results.

With many of our clients sticking by us for almost 40 years, we take great satisfaction in the durability of our relationships. The foundation of our ongoing success is our steadfast dedication to providing the best HR solutions, and we look forward to continuing to meet the HR requirements of enterprises for many years to come.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer.