Mandatory 2022 Minimum Wage

A hand writes an upward trending line out of light as if making a graph in thin air and the text next to it reads "California minimum wage increasing"

MMC would like to provide you with some information to prepare your company for mandatory 2022 minimum wage increases that may affect your workforce.
NON-EXEMPT – CA State minimum wage will be increasing as follows for NON-EXEMPT (i.e. hourly) employees:

EffectiveDateMinimum Wage for Employers with25 Employees or LessMinimum Wage for Employers with26 Employees or More
January 1,2022$14.00/hour$15.00/hour

Additionally, some local entities (cities and counties) may have higher minimums. Here is a helpful link to locate your specific requirements:
EXEMPT – If you have any EXEMPT (i.e. salary) employees, please be advised that their salary minimum must also be increased 1/1/22 as follows:
$62,400 per year (annual salary) for employers of 26 or more employees.
$58,240 per year (annual salary) for employers of 1-25 employees.

Lastly, per the DIR:
In accordance with Labor Code Section 515.6(a), the department has adjusted the licensed physicians and surgeons’ minimum hourly rate of pay exemption from $86.49 to $91.07 effective January 1, 2022, reflecting the 5.3% increase in the California Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers.