Garden of Delight: Intuitive Leadership Approach

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Garden of Delight

With great pleasure, we invite you to enter the Garden of Delight, an environment developed by well-intended, pure motives. As the plants and fruits grow and flourish in a healthy garden, nourished by the loving and diligent leadership of its gardener, so too do we as humans, coming of age in our own personal growth, choosing to do what is right, what is fair, and what is in the best interest of all people. A healthy garden produces rich rewards of healthy, vital vegetation. An organization based on the morals of honesty and kindness produces its own rich rewards. Journey with us, as we walk through the garden, inhale with gusto and breathe in its sweet aroma, and surround ourselves with the beauty of a daring, yet peaceful new concept in leadership and management.

Creating the Garden of Delight

A Garden of Delight is enlightenment in management, conceived from spiritual or ethical behavior emerging from intuition. Therefore, if one should walk into the Garden of Delight, he or she will begin to inhale a pleasant scent, witness the brightness of light and the joyful energy and ultimate happiness that one does not want to leave and would like to stay in that mode of operation, constantly.

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Every garden needs a loving gardener. 

Intuitive leaders grow healthy gardens







Why choose love or Efficiency ?

The ultimate and most pure source of nourishment for the health and continued growth of your garden is creativity, which unfolds from love and efficiency.


Some components of


"Who would have thought that beauty and ethics had any place in the world of business management? Rahmani exquisitely and specifically illuminates the concept of making the sucessful workplace and enterprise a literal Garden of Delight." - Rainn Wilson, Actor, Producer