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Learn why training your employees is still relevant for your organization’s long term success.

Well trained employees are essential to the success of your business. Regrettably, companies regularly place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting and the interview process while failing to follow through with the investment in training new hires for long term success.  As your business becomes more successful the need to hire new employees can be an overwhelming speedy process where it’s easy to neglect the proper training of your new talent. Often this means replicating existing hiring patterns without understanding the overall ideas of an employee’s individual job duties; thus leading to inconsistencies, performance problems, and a general mess.

No time to invest in training? Cost too high? Low manpower to conduct? Training might not make sense at the start, but the long-term implications can far outweigh the immediate cost. We’re going to do some quick math to show this is true:

Training time improvement savings

Factor out two hours of training for members of your staff. If we approximate the success of the training as a tiny 1% improvement in you staffs performance, your company will gain twenty hours of work a year as the result of the expenditure of your two hours of time. Multiply this by your current staff size, and realize that the actual improvement percentage is much higher, then amount of hours gained can easily be in the hundreds.

The other essential component of a company’s training program is management training. Management training is the best place to start setting expectations for your management team. Once you define your goals, duties, and put your expectations in place, there are many other opportunities available for management training. Take your best people and encourage them to share their most developed skills to the others around them. Team up individuals from different departments to tighten the knowledge gap between them, and create open communication between them in the future.

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Finally, if time, cost, and the logistics of holding an HR training workshop feel too great, there is one more tool that brings these benefits directly to you, online training. It is low-cost, can be offered in-office/on site, and covers multiple topics that relate to the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to save money, avoid extra expenses, add new functions to your business, or something else entirely, MMC can provide you with the Human Resources outsourcing solutions and training you need to say competitive. Contact us and visit our online training page, to see everything MMC offers to strengthen your company.