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Growth in the Workplace

One of the most popular questions to ask friends, family, and acquaintances after they have given the great news that they have been hired at a new job is, “do you feel there is room for growth within the company?” Unless the newly hired employee has the power to see into the future, how else would he or she know?

Show You Care

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, it is important to remember the example of give-and-take, and its support of any strong relationship.  This can be said for relationships in the workplace.

Don’t Lose Focus

“If you would please cover your right eye, and using only your left eye, recite the smallest line of letters you’re able to read from the chart.”

We have all had an eye test at some point in our lives.  And most of us could relate to the reality that the news we receive is not always what we want to hear.  It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.  After all, it’s our eyes we’re checking, and only we can see out of them.  When leaves on trees become fuzzy, we may not accept the truth… our vision needs to be checked.

employee back

Are You Hit with Seasonal Absence Syndrome?

Seasonal Absence Syndrome, or SAS for short, hits some workplaces like a breakout of the flu spreading from employee to employee. A whopping 39% of full time employees have owned up to calling in sick to enjoy a day off during the summer months according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and Kronos Inc. This is the time of year when school is out and summer vacations can be planned. Not surprisingly the most common days for one to be afflicted with SAS are Fridays and Mondays.

retirement savings

Save Today for Tomorrow

Although, 401(k) retirement savings has had an increase in confidence in the past few years, 401(k) retirement savings participation, it is a continuous commitment.  On average, Americans will spend about 20 years in retirement; will these be golden years for you? We will discuss some reasons why having a 401(k) or IRA is important now and for the future you.

Managing Traumatic Events in the Workplace

Managing Challenges in the Workplace – Tips For Managers

To borrow from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities: Today’s workplace can sometimes feel like “it [is] the best of times, it [is] the worst of times.”  Personal disaster, emotional breakdowns, natural catastrophes, crime, and other unexpected events can wreak havoc in today’s workplace.  Aside from productivity distractions, employers can often times be exposed to workers’ compensation claims[1] and workplace liability claims[2] that are avoidable depending on how management responds to certain issues. Learn how managers can best manage traumatic challenges in the workplace.

MMChr Small Business Blog

Connections in the Workplace

Written by: Michele O’Donnell, M.S. Human Resources Management

For many employees, the workplace serves as a social outlet – an oasis from what is going on in their non-work lives. In an informal poll of my friends, the workplace gives them the opportunity to have adult conversation, develop friendships and feel connected to something which is important. In today’s working world, employees spend more of their waking hours with their work mates than they do with their families. With this in mind, it is important for business owners and management to understand how crucial these connections are to the organization.

workplace diversity

Diversity Through Uniformity?

Uniforms. Pre-fab office furnishings. Shared Company letterhead.

Some Organizations have strict policies on the attributes mentioned above.  In a way, it creates a sense of consistency in the workplace, and supports the Company’s element of professionalism.  Managers might view a more efficient and stronger work environment as one that is cleaner, less cluttered, and works like a well-oiled machine, where all the offices keep a similar aesthetic, everyone wears a similar uniform, and the Company logo is prevalent in areas one might not even think to look.  “Together, we are a workforce” expresses an office manager at a health and wellness clinic in Southern California.

MMChr generational gaps

Building Bridges Across Generation Gaps in the workplace:

It goes without saying that the general demographic of today’s workforce is vastly different than it was 10 years ago. Countless employers have realized the bonuses and challenges when it comes to having workers of all ages present in the workplace. In this article we will focus on the “older” worker. In times past the older worker was seen as someone 60+ age range. Exactly who an older worker is, will depend on who you ask. The newest generation to the workforce may respond “someone in their 40’s” (gulp) or older; a worker in their 40’s may say “someone 60+;” and a worker in their 60’s they may “there is no such thing as an older worker anymore.”

MMChr Employee Paperwork

What to Keep and When to Toss

At MMChr,  we regularly receive inquiries regarding personnel files and their contents, especially now, as employers are considering “spring cleaning” for the New Year. There are many reasons why proper record keeping is a requirement for employers. First and foremost, many items are required to be kept by employers by Federal, State, and industry requirements. In additional to the legal requirements, it simply makes good business sense to have accurate information easily available and organized as most business owners and managers will eventually encounter the need to produce documentation about employee performance and work history. Having the proper records to retrieve is vital when the need presents itself.

There are some important cautions to be given about the subject of identifiable employee information. Generally, state laws permit employees the right to examine their personal employment records.

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