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Be Mentally Present

Being focused in the workplace is taking center stage now that we are heading into the end of the year and 2014 is coming to close. However, with the onslaught of news and pings of social media calling your attention, staying focused is becoming more difficult in the workplace. This has resulted in many people learning to multi-task, which surprisingly, is not as productive as many would believe.  Being “mentally present” is the key to being focused. According to a “Happiness” study by Mathew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert, letting the mind wander to other matters, will deter you from completing the actual task at hand. In this month’s issue, we have compiled a short list of tools that can help you finish this year off strong.

Improve Daily Workflow with 5 Simple Tools

Unarguably, electronic devices have become an important part of our life. Connectivity and productivity are two characteristics we feel can be improved with the assistance of a tablet or cellular device. Using these devices can help you navigate through cluttered days, boost productivity, and help connect your business together all in one synergistic flow.

Below we recommend 5 apps to download that can help your life be more productive and connected when used.