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What Does Independence Really Mean?

Emma Lazarus’ iconic sonnet, engraved and mounted at Liberty Island, is an historic representation of America.  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

With the July 4th holiday approaching, many reflect on Independence, and what it means today.  Independence, however, might have a different meaning to most, when compared to what it meant to millions of immigrants who came to the United States – many through Ellis Island.  Over the years we have grown as a country, and witnessed many changes in our personal lives, the workforce, popular culture, our economy, foreign affairs, and politics.  Independence, however, still remains a core principle of America.  While our country has changed, and we as a people of America have changed, we still carry with us, a sense of pride in our independence and freedom.

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Top 5 Apps for a Productive Summer

Whether you run a small business, medical practice, or organization, staying on top of your work is key to generating more revenue. Our goal here this summer is to save time because fundamentally, time is money and growth is good. Since your smart phone or tablet is with you at all times, why not embrace them this summer and see how they can save you time and money.

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401 k – Plan Today to Save for Tomorrow

 MMC 401 k benefits- Plan today, save for tomorrow

As a valued MMC client your company has a great opportunity to establish a 401 k at a fraction of the cost than if your firm were to sponsor it alone. What is so unique about the MMC plan? The MMC 401 k is a multi-employer plan which allows MMC clients the ability to leverage over $25 million in collective assets.   This translates to tremendous volume discounts for all who are in the plan. In a retail 401 k plan you would be paying somewhere between $1500-2500 in set up costs. This is in addition to a $1500-$3000 annual base fee and $25-30 per head charge on an ongoing annual basis. The MMC plan because of its size is able to provide a premier 401 k plan with significant cost savings to all participating MMC clients. As a standard adopter of the plan, there is no set up charge and flat fee of $235 a year.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

7 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

One thing we all have in common in life is deadlines; it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, you most likely have them.  You cannot avoid your deadlines; however, knowing how to tackle them is key to staying productive. Follow our tips below on ways to stay on top of your deadlines.

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Scientific Power of Thought

Scientific Power of Thought

Take a moment to learn how powerful strategic thinking can be.  MMChr and your business can partner together to strategically think & plan your level of growth.



Entrepreneur top ten

Many entrepreneurs follow the Phil Knight (of Nike, Inc.) philosophy of “Just Do It” when they begin new business ventures. While much can be said about the “courageous risk taker” approach to starting a business, some risk aversion is helpful. In reviewing Top 10 lists from a number of sources, we compiled the following as a “top ten” of the top ten:

Motivated Employees Will Build Company Morale

Motivation is vital to developing a healthy relationship between an employer and the employee. Having a sound relationship in the workplace is significant in retaining key employees and building employee loyalty to your organization. Motivation can also improve productivity and inspire employees to work even harder.

Business Communication

Does Anyone Hear Me? Effective Communications and Honing Your Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills Within Your Office With These 10 Tips

When so many things in a workplace are uncertain, dealing with challenges inherent to communicating with coworkers and peers is the last thing you want to go wrong.  Nonetheless, communication experts cite that inner-communication issues in the workplace can fester into stress, illness, loss of motivation, and high turnover.  Aside from improving listening skills and abandoning motivated discussions that aim to prove one person is “right” and the other is “wrong”,  the tips below provide quick tips for improved communications.