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Tying Up Loose Ends

A new year means a new beginning, and with this comes many new questions. It’s common to look back at the past to plan for the future, assuring ourselves that we will finish all our responsibilities on time and efficiently.

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Summer Endings Mean Gearing Up For Holiday Season

As summer draws to a close, the holiday season is fast upon us. We all know there are many holidays to celebrate throughout the year, but holidays seem to come at a feverish pace in the last half of the year. It seems early to think about planning the company holiday party but it is never too early to start planning for the season as students are returning to school, time off requests increase, parties are planned and bonuses are considered. Below are some considerations to help with planning for this time of year.

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Seeing into the Future

As an owner or a manager of a business you have a clear responsibility to steer your organization to make it a success. Simply assuming that the next year will be the same as the last and forgoing any evaluation is accepting that you will allow your business to float where ever the market currently leads you.

No matter what its size, location or focus, all companies can be described in terms of inputs, outputs and a process in between. A great deal of work has been done in this area and if you are a student of continuous improvement, then you are probably aware of the 4 step Deming cycle. If not, consider this article your 5 minute summary.

Planning Ahead

We have all been told, at some point or another, to plan ahead. Whether or not we decided to take the advice a step further and execute is different for each person.  The advice itself, however, is taken very seriously by many employers, especially towards the end of the year.