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Growth in the Workplace

One of the most popular questions to ask friends, family, and acquaintances after they have given the great news that they have been hired at a new job is, “do you feel there is room for growth within the company?” Unless the newly hired employee has the power to see into the future, how else would he or she know?

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To Millennials and Beyond!

Providing Direction to the Changing Workforce

The hiring process in the past consisted of a few steps many of you can remember. A job candidate was interviewed, selected, a job offer was extended and accepted or rejected.  By the job offer stage, the candidate had done enough research to know if they would want the job or not.  Fast forward to today’s job landscape.  A candidate is offered a job, and responds back with their litany of scheduling, benefit and compensation demands. Usually, this can happen even after the final, non-negotiable offer has already been presented and explained.  Have we entered the Twilight Zone?  No, we have entered today’s changing workplace.