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Harvesting Your Employees’ Potential

Diversity in your company allows your employees to learn from one another and also have the opportunity of growing professionally and personally. Employers must embrace the diversity and help the employees harvest their full potential.

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Summer Endings Mean Gearing Up For Holiday Season

As summer draws to a close, the holiday season is fast upon us. We all know there are many holidays to celebrate throughout the year, but holidays seem to come at a feverish pace in the last half of the year. It seems early to think about planning the company holiday party but it is never too early to start planning for the season as students are returning to school, time off requests increase, parties are planned and bonuses are considered. Below are some considerations to help with planning for this time of year.

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Train to Success

Online HR Training

Learn why training your employees is still relevant for your organization’s long term success.

Well trained employees are essential to the success of your business. Regrettably, companies regularly place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting and the interview process while failing to follow through with the investment in training new hires for long term success.  As your business becomes more successful the need to hire new employees can be an overwhelming speedy process where it’s easy to neglect the proper training of your new talent. Often this means replicating existing hiring patterns without understanding the overall ideas of an employee’s individual job duties; thus leading to inconsistencies, performance problems, and a general mess.

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Change From Within: Your 2014 Business Resolution

When was the last time you developed a strategy of telling your customers how awesome they are? The typical business resolutions at this time of year may be filled with responses such as gaining new market share, software 2.0 upgrades, maximize profits, or hitting quarterly targets. Consider taking an alternative approach and pivoting back to your roots: place a heavy emphasis on client/staff appreciation in 2014 and watch your company grow.

It’s easy to get caught up in the endless company upgrades and different business strategies that always tend to pop up around this time of year. Each new initiative stems from different departments, one by one informing you of how strategy x and upgrade y will be the key to staying ahead, and guarantee growth. Sound like a familiar time of year?


A Grateful Organization

What causes organizations to thrive? Why do some companies seem to get it right? Many business owners might find themselves asking this question with a quick answer of, “great corporate marketing strategy” or “higher sales.” While both of these answers are technically correct, the most impacting aspect to make an organization great is the company’s corporate culture, and drive from the leaders at the top. Adopt a grateful attitude in the workplace and see how your organization can grow from plain to great.

Dream Big

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Office Attire Then & Now

Dress code enforcement has drastically changed over time in the office place with the adoption of standards such as “business casual” or even “casual” dress styles.  Regardless of what method works best for your company culture, implementing the proper guidelines are important to create a comfortable and productive work environment as fashion constantly turns its cycle.

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Emphathizing With Your Workplace Family

Leaves of Absence (LOA) are a difficult area for employers to administrate as it directly involves their work community. Many times when an employee needs to take an extended period of time from work it is for a serious reason, so not only is the employee affected, but so is their workplace family. In other instances, the period of time an employee may need to deal with a disability may be in one chunk or as episodic absences. I have spoken with many employers who find the maze of LOAs very frustrating and stressful; it is important to remember that in most cases, the employee needing the time off is also dealing with a stressful and often scary situation.

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Employee Well-Being in the Workplace

Written by: Michele O’Donnell, M.S. Human Resources Management

The concept of “employee well-being” is not a new one, but it has seen a resurgence in interest with the challenges in the world in the last few years, and employee well being has been making its way to the top of company consciousness. This interest has many companies scrambling to develop a plan. There are many definitions of well-being and employee well-being, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Europe’s largest professional institute for people management and development with over 135,000 members across 120 countries, define it as; “creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organization”. The CIPD believes “that employee well-being at work initiatives need to balance the needs of the employee with those of the organization”.

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The Rising Role of HR Professionals


“Why do I even need Human Resources?  HR is not a revenue generating department and I already have a tight budget.  All HR does is tell me that I can’t do what I want to do.”

Sound familiar?  Sadly, many organizations view Human Resources professionals as road blocks and they do not see the value HR contributes to an organization. Realistically, these statements couldn’t be more false. HR is a key driver to the flow and balance of an organization.  Many of today’s HR 2.0 professionals are highly trained individuals that are able to balance the delicate relationship between strategy, management, and staff (remote or in-house).

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