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Show You Care

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, it is important to remember the example of give-and-take, and its support of any strong relationship.  This can be said for relationships in the workplace.

Salaries, bonuses, and financial rewards aside, try and remember the last time when you were shown, through actions, words, or perhaps even gifts, that someone cared about you.  How did that make you feel?  Did it inspire you to want to return the favor?  Perhaps it eased tension, or swayed you from confronting a difficult situation, and instead taking the high road.  Maybe, you were even inspired to pay it forward, and do something nice for someone else.

With all of that stated, here’s something else to consider.  Was the fact that you knew someone cared about you, enough of a reward, without receiving any sort of actual item or prize?

Such was the case at a southern California based rental business.  Without making it official, the CEO soft-launched the “Caring Words Project.”  It didn’t actually get its name until enough words were circulated, and the impact was evident among the staff.

The project worked by sharing caring words in a simple sentence, anonymously, with one employee.  When the employee received the affirmation, they were able to click a link to pass kind words on to someone else, anonymously.  A new saying would appear, and the sending employee was able to select anyone in the company he or she felt most deserved the saying.  Some employees received more than one affirmation.  The idea was to circulate as much happiness and gratitude as possible among staff, to keep the environment of kindness strong and vibrant.

“It just appeared out of nowhere,” said one of the employees who received a message from the Caring Words Project.  “I opened my email, and there it was: you always have something meaningful to say.  It made my day to know someone felt that way!” she expressed.

“After a few weeks, we found that people were buzzing about the kind words circulating.  Not only did they share with others which sentences they received, but the ones they passed along as well,” said the CEO, who launched the project in November of 2014.

There was a catch, however.  “One might think it is odd that employees were given sentences that were already created, to pass along to someone else, rather than coming up with them on their own,” he mentioned.  “The Caring Words Project lasted a total of three weeks,” he mentioned.  “The idea was to see, after the three week period, how the spirit of showing someone you care, would carry forward.”

The end result?  Extremely heartwarming!  “Within days, employees were going out of their way to say and do nice things for one another, without expecting anything in return,” he said.  “I, myself, did just that, along with my coworkers,” he concluded.

Articles have been shared about showing appreciation, and feeling appreciated, in the workplace.  Going further than that, so much is to be said about showing someone that you care. We hope this February  will show the care and appreciation