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Resetting? Unplug First

Companies fail to grow not because they do the wrong thing or because they do the right thing poorly, but because they fail to understand the shifting consumer world.

The most important thing any company owner can do right now is unplug from what’s going on at work, step back, and reevaluate how their company is interacting with the current market. Look at all the fundamentals and reexamine what changes are needed. What are other businesses offering? Are you currently able to meet the new consumer demands? And how are you going to communicate this to your customers?

Try to identify two or three marketing strategies MOST likely to be effective with your target audience, and ensure your marketing mix uses just those strategies. Focus on plans that help you build relationships and position yourself as an expert.

Marketing, as a whole, is in the process of unplugging and resetting itself for greater efficiency. What does this mean to you? I think we are all trying to figure it out, but here are three concepts to consider.

  1. Advertising works, but more and more it will be in the form of content and storytelling. Stop pushing your product and start thinking about what your customers would do after seeing your advertisement. Advertising must be relevant and opt-in, great content is the only way, and this takes time and effort.
  2. Do you feel excited and motivated about marketing your business? When you don’t feel engaged and positive about your own marketing, you are more likely to neglect it than to embrace it. Keep up the excitement.
  3. The most important marketing issue that people forget is consistency. Repeat and reinforce ideas, and take your time doing it. It is not effective with one big push, lots of content all at once and then silence. It’s better to start small and build up over time.  Don’t launch your content marketing initiative waiting for perfection. Launch small, get feedback, adjust, pick a content schedule and stick to it.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to create an effective business-building plan. You just need to follow a few basic principles like those above. Most importantly, find out exactly what your customers are demanding and execute marketing strategies that speak to your audience and do it consistently. This is the recipe for continual success, as the market is always resetting itself.