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RISK is in not a four letter word

The world is not stopping or slowing down, and the idea that doing nothing guarantees safety from failure is the exact opposite of reality. Staying planted in a “safe zone” only secures your slow passing as the world progresses.

Reflect back to a time when everything was new and getting to an outcome, good or bad, was an adventure. A time before you were increasingly presented to the concept of risk. As time passed you were slowly familiarized and taught the notion of risk by others around you and soon enough you were scared of risks.

What if you were told to stop developing? Told to fall behind in the business world? Think about it, with the speed of business these days, this is exactly what not taking risks is.

Risk is not the bad word you might think it is, and it’s time to stop using it as one. This is the moment we begin thinking of risk as the starting point to something amazing. R.I.S.K

1. Re-evaluate failure
When assessing risk, potential losses tend to loom larger than potential gains. People focus more on what could go wrong, and not on what could go right. Do not over-estimate failure as this is a common mistake. Be honest about to Pros and Cons of each project and how you will approach them.

2. Imaginary consequences
People often come up with grim and intense worst-case scenario images when evaluating a situation. We imagine everything spiraling out of control and forget our own abilities and how easily it would be to correct these issues. It’s not just you, most people exaggerate how bad things might be if something in the plans don’t work out.

3. Self-worth
This is almost a continuation of the above point but it’s about you and not the project. You need to focus on your ability to overcome it, and if you don’t you will often avoid taking on new challenges and opportunities, because you are misevaluation yourself. Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

4. Know the cost of sticking to old ways
Do not discount the cost of inaction, and indecision. Things do not work forever. Playing safe and not putting yourself at risk in not sensible. Things that aren’t working for us now only tend to get worse over time, and issues that remain unaddressed tend to grow larger, not smaller.

So be bold and take that risky step into the unknown. It’s not a make-or-break moment, it’s a make-or-make moment. Work with the outcome, and enjoy the adventure.