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Pick a Team and Get Ready for Summertime Fun

August has arrived and spring is finally behind us. For many businesses, the summer season offers the opportunity to bring in significant sales with a good marketing campaign. By this time, you should have already defined your goals for the summer season. However, if that has slipped, here are some easy marketing ideas to get into gear for this summer.

  1. Promotions. Whether you want to focus on online sales, in-store deals, or your social media presence, this would be a good time to plan for any holiday promotions you would like to conduct this year. Plan early so you know what is needed to be done to make them happen. Allocate time to come up with strong designs and ad placements. You can even create an exclusive deal for a limited time. This will encourage customers to participate and make purchases before the year end.
  2.  Update Email Addresses and Send Emails. Gather your current customer email addresses from your existing lists and update your opt-in messages on your website to promote upcoming summer discounts and specials. Post regularly about your promotions so users don’t miss them. There are endless others trying to attract the same customers, so make sure to be creative and offer exciting promotions or have an eye catching design.
  3. Turn Your Products and Services into Gifts. Think about how you can repackage your existing products and services as gift packages. Cleverly packaging products together creates a quick and thoughtful gift with little cost to you. Make a blog post on your site, or in an email blast to strengthen and highlight your best products. This will increase value and excitement of the gift to your customer.

The most important thing to remember is that these promotions take effort and time. All marketing programs need the personnel to launch, monitor, and evaluate them. So, grab your team and make your summertime promotion campaign fun.