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5 Ways to Improve your Health at Work

Sitting eight hours a day at a desk can take a toll on your health. During the month of May there are many health awareness events. There is an array of health issues from correct posture to visual health awareness that this month hosts. In honor of the extensive health awareness campaigns in the month of May, we have compiled five ways you can stay healthy at work.

Final Pay Processing

California has very strict Final Pay rules, outlined in the California Labor Code Sections 201 and 201, outlined here in the issuance of final wages.


4 Steps to Achieve Professional Growth at Work

The environment is constantly changing for companies and employees of those companies. Both can flourish and grow professionally together. Often, it takes time to reach those milestones, but when both companies and employees work together, anything can happen.


How to Manage the Time in Your Daily Life

The first step to managing your time is to monitor how you are currently using your time and evaluate what you’re doing that could be different. Once you can identify your tasks and activities, you’ll realize that some tasks can be bundled together. For example, if you visit the break room for some coffee in the morning and then visit the break room later for some water, then bundle those two activities together and refill your water bottle and coffee cup during your morning trip.


California Meal & Rest Breaks For Employees

Labor Code §512 and the applicable Wage Order (usually Section 11 of the applicable Wage Order) require employers to provide an unpaid, 30-minute, duty-free, uninterrupted meal period when a nonexempt employee works more than five hours in a workday, and a second 30-minute, duty-free, uninterrupted meal period when an employee works more than 10 hours in a workday.

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