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Maintaining Energy with Work Life Balance


By the time Friday rolls around, are you exhausted?  Do you ever find yourself dreading weekend plans, because you’re afraid you won’t have enough time to relax?  We have all been there, but if you feel that way week after week, then it may be time to examine your work/life balance so that you have the energy to perform well at work and enjoy your life outside of work.

  1. Time Management at Work. Most of us have busy periods and less busy periods at work.  During those busy periods you may be putting in some serious over time, but in the less busy periods you should be able to work your normal work hours.  If you find yourself having to work a lot of overtime year round, it may be time to examine your job description with your supervisor.  Maybe there are job duties that may be handed off to another team member or maybe you can create new task procedures that are more streamlined.
  2. Coworker Boundaries. Another issue at work may be who you spend time with while at the office.  If your lunch partner is always gossiping or complaining, listening to that can be emotionally exhausting.  Attempt to distance yourself from that person so you can stay focused on the actual work that needs to be done, instead of draining time and energy on office politics.
  3. Schedule “Me” Time. Chances are your kids have busy lives just like you do, requiring you to drive them to practice, to birthday parties, to play dates or study groups.  Trying to fit in your own activities, like finally seeing that museum exhibit or taking your friend out to her belated birthday lunch, is difficult too.  If you have every minute of every day scheduled, you are not going to be able to decompress from the work week, as you’ll be trading the work stress for home stress.  Every once in a while declare an activity free weekend and allow yourself to just relax.  On those busy weekends, schedule in some down time – 30 minutes to read a book, or perhaps a leisurely walk around the neighborhood.
  4. Delegate Chores.  Enlist your family to tackle chores throughout the week so you’re not stuck trying to cram all your housework into your days off.  If you live alone, create a schedule of chores (perhaps 1 or 2 each day) so you can still have down time on the weekends.
  5. A Little Exercise Goes A Long Way!  If you can find 30 minutes of exercise time 3-4 days a week, you will notice a change in your attitude and energy levels.  Not only can exercise recharge your body, but it can also recharge your mind. Use your exercise time as your alone time, or talk with your friends and find some activities you can do together which will get you feeling good and reconnecting with people you care about.

Your healthcare company may offer programs which can help you find a gym, make a work/life balance schedule, or point you towards other resources to make your life a little easier and less hectic. Check your carrier’s website and take advantage!

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