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Be Mentally Present

Being focused in the workplace is taking center stage now that we are heading into the end of the year and 2014 is coming to close. However, with the onslaught of news and pings of social media calling your attention, staying focused is becoming more difficult in the workplace. This has resulted in many people learning to multi-task, which surprisingly, is not as productive as many would believe.  Being “mentally present” is the key to being focused. According to a “Happiness” study by Mathew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert, letting the mind wander to other matters, will deter you from completing the actual task at hand. In this month’s issue, we have compiled a short list of tools that can help you finish this year off strong.


Eight easy ways to show your customers you appreciate them.

We know you appreciate your customers’ business, but do your customers know how much you appreciate them? Here are some easy ways to show your customers a thank you for choosing your company over the rest.

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New Business Owners: Check List For What Not To Do

Many entrepreneurs follow the Phil Knight of Nike, Inc.’s philosophy of, “Just do it” when they begin new business ventures.  While much can be said about the courageous risk taker approach to starting a business, some risk aversion is helpful.  In reviewing Top 10 lists from a number of sources, we list the following as sort of a “top ten” of the top ten.

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Pick a Team and Get Ready for Summertime Fun

August has arrived and spring is finally behind us. For many businesses, the summer season offers the opportunity to bring in significant sales with a good marketing campaign. By this time, you should have already defined your goals for the summer season. However, if that has slipped, here are some easy marketing ideas to get into gear for this summer.

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Resetting? Unplug First

Companies fail to grow not because they do the wrong thing or because they do the right thing poorly, but because they fail to understand the shifting consumer world.

Clean Up Your Marketing

Now that spring is here, we can mark the end of the first quarter in 2014. This is a great time to evaluate your marketing initiatives for the year and take note of things that have been working for your business (or not) and see how you would like to move forward for the rest of the year. We will discuss 4 marketing initiatives to ensure your business’ online success.

Desktop to Mobile

Desktop to Mobile: Is Your Company Properly Optimized?

Does your company’s online presence support the massive consumer shift to mobile online viewing? 2014 is the year Mobile web interaction will surpass desktop surfing by a huge margin. Is your business being optimally shown to your audience?

Mobile consumer engagement numbers have sky rocketed over the past several years to now surpass desktop online user activities. A recent statistic from Pew research written on states:

“56 percent of Americans own a smartphone and 34 percent own a tablet. Then consider that 63 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to go online.”

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Seeing into the Future

As an owner or a manager of a business you have a clear responsibility to steer your organization to make it a success. Simply assuming that the next year will be the same as the last and forgoing any evaluation is accepting that you will allow your business to float where ever the market currently leads you.

No matter what its size, location or focus, all companies can be described in terms of inputs, outputs and a process in between. A great deal of work has been done in this area and if you are a student of continuous improvement, then you are probably aware of the 4 step Deming cycle. If not, consider this article your 5 minute summary.

Appreciation Marketing

Six Ways to Make Saying “Thanks” Part of Your Marketing Program

As we approach the giving season, many businesses and practices take the time to say “thank you” to valued clients, patients, employees and key referral sources. At the same time we express our gratitude for their trust in choosing us, we can be reinforcing the value of that relationship to them. Here are six ways to make that extra positive impact.