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7 Ways to balance your work and social life

Too often we find ourselves struggling to balance our work and personal lives—sometimes it seems nearly impossible to do. Given today’s advanced technology, we can work from practically anywhere. Thus, we have accessibility to our work at all given hours. But that doesn’t mean we should be working at all given hours. We need a balance between work and our personal lives that allows us to grow professionally and personally. Below is a list of seven different things you can do to help balance your social and work life:

  1. Unplug

    If your company doesn’t require you to have your work email on your phone, then remove it. Verify by reading your company’s policy on emails to ensure. Removing your work email from your phone might seem weird at first, but then you’ll realize that it will help you balance your work and personal life. If you don’t think you can fully disconnect, offer an alternative. Let your co-workers know that you are available to be contacted via a call or by emailing you to your personal email.

  2. Exercise

    Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Work can sometimes trigger more stress and that’s ok. According to the Harvard Medical School, “Regular physical activity keeps you healthy as it reduces stress.” So, take some time to unplug yourself from work by working out and de-stressing during your personal time. Overall, it will help you stay calm and enjoy your personal time stress-free.

  3. Communicate

    “Communication is key,” a phrase we’ve all heard at some point in our lives. Surely enough, communicating is key to “continually talk to the important people in [your life] about what is working or not.” Communicate with your employer so that they you’re your workload or progress. By communicating with those around you, you will find that you can balance your life and work a bit better.

  4. Set Time Aside

    Visit your family and friends or simply go watch a movie. Set some time aside to take care of yourself and to book some time off to spend time with those you love. Don’t just wait to see if you have time after work. Simply make it a point to plan time outside of work.

  5. Create a Support Network

    According to Fast Company, individuals “who have achieved a good balance” between work and their personal lives “have a strong support network” that “they can depend on to help them get through difficult times.” Having a strong support network can help you balance the hard times at work and also the times in your personal life outside of work.

  6. Be Flexible

    In order to keep a well balanced life between work and home, some people need to try different things. Some companies allow their employees to set their own schedule, thus allowing them to balance their lives a bit. If your company allows, see if they might be willing to change your work schedule in exchange for less vacation time or perhaps working from home once a week. If they are willing, try it out! Everyone has different needs and sometimes having a flexible work schedule might be the answer.

  7. Start Small

    Forbes suggests that you “start small and experience some success” when trying to change some aspects of your life. Don’t try to commit to drastic changes that aren’t realistic. For example, “cutting [your] hours from 80 hours a week to 40” is not going to go well. Try reducing it by one or two hours and see how that goes. In addition, if you want to schedule in more family time, try to join your family one evening a week and work your way up to “two to three dinners” per week. Simply start slow and build from there.