6 Things You Should Do at Work Prior to Your Vacation

Picture yourself relaxing on a beach, soaking in the sun, and enjoying that book you have been putting off for the last couple of months. Is it not great? Enjoy that stress free vacation this year by preparing properly prior to your departure.

To help plan for your vacation, we have compiled a list of things you should do at work to ensure you can enjoy your vacation.

  1. Schedule at the Right Time

    Analyze your workload throughout the year to see when you are the busiest and avoiding booking your vacation during those periods of time. Instead, strategically book your vacation during a period where you have downtime. For example, tax season is a very busy time for accountants and payroll departments. Therefore, it would not make sense for employees in those departments to request their vacations during that period—for it would cause confusion and stress on the department. Book your trip after the periods where you are the busiest so that you can enjoy your vacation and so that your team does not stress while you are absent.

  2. Notify Clients

    Prior to your departure, make sure to reach out to your clients with time. If they depend on you, make sure to let them know that you will be going on vacation and provide them with contact information to one of your colleagues in case they need something. Additionally, make sure to advise them to submit their request in a timely manner—that way you can prioritize and have their requests taken care of. Notifying the client prior to your departure will show them that you care about them. By being proactive and reaching out, you are showing great customer service. Also, they will be aware that you will be out on vacation and won’t be frustrated when they receive that auto reply via email if they need something urgently. Lastly, they will feel like they are valued because you are thinking about them. Honestly, who does not like that!

  3. Guide Your Colleagues

    Your colleagues are an amazing asset. Most companies do not want to hire a temporary employee while you are out on vacation. However, that does not mean you should not take your vacations! With a notice–well in advance—your manager can help you plan so that your workload is distributed among your co-workers during your time off. Offer to guide your colleagues on how you handle your workload so that they know what to expect and how to execute your tasks while you are out. Additionally, be available. If your colleagues need your help urgently, provide them with reliable means of contacting you.

  4. Work Ahead

    Spend some time thinking and working ahead. Simply prepare everything for when you come back from your vacation. By preparing in advance, you will not come back to work and be overwhelmed with all the tasks. Don’t dread taking your vacation and coming back to a pile of work. Work diligently and plan accordingly so that you come back from your vacation to a stress-free environment that you can control.

  5. Clean Your Desk

    If you’re anything like me, you don’t like coming home to a dirty house. So why come to back to a dirty desk at the office. Start off your first day back from your vacation with a clean desk. In May, we talked about being healthier at work. Not only does a clean desk help prevent getting sick, but it will also help you get back to work after your vacations and be as productive as possible.

  6. Thank Your Boss

    Lastly, don’t forget to thank your bosses for working with you to ensure you could take your vacation. A simple thank you card or a small gift from the destination you visited will mean a lot to them. It will show your appreciation and respect. Who knows! It might help you get some extra days off the next time you take a vacation.

We hope you enjoy your vacations throughout the year.