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5 Ways to Improve your Health at Work

Sitting eight hours a day at a desk can take a toll on your health. During the month of May there are many health awareness events. There is an array of health issues from correct posture to visual health awareness that this month hosts. In honor of the extensive health awareness campaigns in the month of May, we have compiled five ways you can stay healthy at work.

  1. Give your eyes a rest

    According to All About Vision, “many workers take only two 15-minute breaks from their computer throughout their work day.” A study done by the NIOSH concluded that “discomfort and eye strain were significantly reduced when computer workers took four additional five-minute “mini-breaks” throughout their work day.” So, get up, walk to around, stretch, and rest your eyes. It’s healthy for you.

  2. Take deep breaths

    Professor Jack Feldman from the University of California, Los Angeles conducted a study focused on how the neurons affect breathing, emotional states, and alertness. The study showed that there is “a tie between breathing itself and changes in emotional state.” In other words, if we simply take a few minutes while we are stressed out to simply take a deep breath, we might feel much more relaxed and calm. So breath in, breath out. Release some of that stress.

  3. Walk

    The New York Times reported that “there is growing evidence…that long bouts of uninterrupted sitting…can have physical and emotional consequences.” To prevent that from happening, we recommend that during your break you go for walk around the block or simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every bit of exercise can make a huge difference in your health.

  4. Eat healthier

    When you’re sitting at a desk for eight hours on end, you want to curb your hunger. And sometimes doing so can be difficult. SnackNation compiled a list of healthy office snacks for you to try at work. We also recommend asking your employer for healthier snack options at the vending machine or break room.

  5. Clean your desk

    It’s a no brainer that a clean space can keep you healthy. By cleaning your surfaces with a disinfectant, you reduce the risk of catching a cold or bacteria from the surfaces you and your colleagues share. We generally spend a large percentage of our time at work. A research done by the University of Arizona found that “an office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.” Gross. We know. Try to reduce the amount of clutter, constantly disinfect the surfaces you use and don’t eat at your desk. Lastly, keep some hand sanitizer handy.