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4 Steps to Achieve Professional Growth at Work

The environment is constantly changing for companies and employees of those companies. Both can flourish and grow professionally together. Often, it takes time to reach those milestones, but when both companies and employees work together, anything can happen.
Below are some ways to help you grow professionally:


  1. Establish Goals

    The first step to grow professionally is to establish your goals. For example, if you want to become a manager, you need to establish the goal of becoming a manager and make sure to let your employer know of your goal. By letting your employer know of your ambitions, you’re allowing them the opportunity to help you reach that goal. After all, the promotion will come from them. If you show your employer that you are ambitious and goal driven, they will most likely help you reach your goal.

  2. Meet Your Deadlines

    Deadlines are important to meet. According to Leo Babauta, a writer that specialize in productivity, “you have to be very serious about meeting [your deadlines], and make them a priority.” Furthermore, you need to “make breaking a deadline a…sin. Once you’ve done [that] step, the rest is just logistics.” Start by keeping a list of your deadlines and projects to help you meet those deadlines and make sure you’re giving yourself extra time, just in case you run into issues and need some time.

  3. Invest in Your Work

    Your career reflects your work ethics and ambition. Scot Herrick suggest that you spend some time “look[ing] at where your work is taking you.” You will be able “to reflect on how to make your work better.” Additionally, you need to be willing to invest on your profession. Perhaps you should enroll in a “certification” course or a program to help support your career goals and also take time to reflect on your daily work to ensure you’re growing professionally.

  4. Ask for Help

    It’s safe to say that we aren’t all geniuses. Therefore, the likelihood of you—as an employee—not knowing something is high. When that is the case, simply ask for help. Your co-workers and boss are great resources. So, take advantage of their knowledge by asking them for help when you don’t know something. The Muse states that you “set a time to sit down” and talk with them about the subject or task you’re not certain about to ensure you’re all on “the same page”. In doing so, you will show your employer and fellow co-workers that you can collaborate, learn, take initiative, and execute a task. This will help when you are trying to get the promotion you want.